MARMO ORNAMENTO has been working in the historical stone producing area of Carrara since 1946, as a marble, stone and granite workshop. Over the years the company developed its business by gradually and systematically acquiring the newest, hi-tech working machinery, all the while retaining those traditional techniques that have been passed down over three generations of industry experience in lathe work and architecture. During this long period of time, the Workshop has been producing works of great artistic value, with a stylistic expression capable of underlining the close relationship between architecture and ornament.

In keeping with the principle of continuous improvement and thanks to the Company’s depth of technical and artistic experience, production is organized in order to handle the diverse architectural and ornamental projects proposed by architects and designers and provide answers and solutions to requests and problems of a varying nature.

The use of new stone working technology has, moreover, enabled MARMO ORNAMENTO to optimize production processes and services, significantly reducing costs and completion times, with the ultimate aim of delivering objects of the finest workmanship to the customer.

The workshop specializes in classic style stonework such as capitals, columns, balustrades, in producing architectural elements, urban furniture such as fountains and seating and in working on projects and elements of religious art and interior and exterior design.